Music is a biggest part of my life.

Through composing I express my mood and my feelings for what I created category for my compositions. click Here to view my Music Blog.

I have set my music recording studio in my office so that apart my job I can spend some time on music production.

Studio Equipment

  • Electronic guitars
  • Accoustic Guitars
  • Bass Guitar
  • Electronic drums
  • Acoustic drums
  • Keyboard
  • Studio Mixer
  • Studio Speakers
  • Studio PC with over 2 Terabyte of Studio tools and software
  • Studio Microphones
  • Isolated Studio room

I use Reaper as my DAW software. I somehow like it more then Cubase or Protools. I have specifically chosen best VST plugins and Software Synthesizers that suits my needs.


So if you are interested to listen my music then checkout my Music Blog.