Mexico 2012

Destination Mexico

Story by: Elodie Hensen & Me



Passionate, colorful, tender and fascinating, that’s what Mexico is . We’ve decided to share with you our adventure, critical view and opinion in a country too often stereotyped as what it isn’t. The country is a place full of mystery, legend, a place where the moment of creation seems even closer.

Mexico has much to offer depending on your interest: pre-Columbian archeology, colonial architecture, ethnography, crafts, water sports, adventure parks… Landscapes with exceptional backgrounds, colorful and beautiful beaches. We have prepared this guide to take you off the tour operators and mass tourism travel.

What makes the powerful originality of contemporary Mexico is that the merger is completed between the pre-Hispanic tradition and civilization imported from Europe. It is in perpetual motion. Its history is as turbulent as its landscapes. It is eternal and timeless at once and there is so much to see or revise! …. There you will meet with the Mexicans who still hold the key to their great country whose past is combined always in the present. Currently Mexico is experiencing a new era in its long history and has not stopped surprising us.

Follow us, you will meet friendly people with a mix of Indian, Hispanic and North American culture. Mexico reveals a fascinating folk art, which rejoices in the Baroque churches as in the color of its markets. People warm and smiling to the delight of tourists visiting this vast and wonderful country of 112 million people where the past is always present and combines with a stroke grasp its unity and diversity.

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