Preparing for the trip to Tenerife

Hello folks,

This is my last evening in Corfu island. I already packed my staff and sitting at my office preparing my trip to Canary Islands.

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2nd of November “Tomorrow” my trip begins at 17:00. I will go out from the hotel with my friend and colleague Lefteris. He will drop me at the airport and I will be flying to Brussels Charleroi Airport – Belgium.

As I will have to stay over night in the cold bloody Belgium, I decided to book a car and drive bit around and remember old times. I am planning to visit my ex wives mother just to say hello and pickup my 12 string guitar that I will need in Canary Islands.

I decided to share my entire trip and post every update of my journey. I hope you’ll find it interesting.

You can see details of my travel planning from the website I recently registered.

I will be adding information about the expenses, places I visit, Photos of the day and stories about people I will meet.

Visit my blog periodically so that you can keep up with latest updates.




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