Trip to Georgia


So, Here we go again, I believe my travels will never end this winter.

I am gone to Georgia where I will spend some quality time with my family and friends.

Here is what I plan to do in Georgia.

If you don’t know where Georgia is then visit Wikipedia Georgia. Georgia is a country where I was born. Unfortunately I didn’t visit Georgia for very long time and when I was a kid, I didn’t have interests for discovery.

Few days ago, I decided to book a flight ticket “Last minute” as I’m getting bored.  Thereafter I googled what to see and rented a car for my entire trip. “Like always”


  • Visit my mother
  • Snowboarding in Bakuriani or Gudauri.
  • Testing Best Wines “IMPORTANT”
  • New Years Eve with my family in Tbilisi somewhere great place with events.
  • Visiting historical sites and cities.
  • Going to Traditional Restaurant.
  • Meeting my old school friends that I didn’t see for 20 years. I hope they still remember me. Would be great.
  • Visiting some remote villages.
  • Surely I will eat Hachapuri, Hinkali and Drink Waters of Lagidze. Well that’s what I remember 🙂

I am already in Athens and now waiting for the plain to Tbilisi.

Enjoy some pictures until that time.

Ahh.. This time my Photo Camera and Tablet won’t be stolen. So you will be able to enjoy photos of the day.



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