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Revaz Eristavi – Gogo

Revaz Eristavi - Gogo

“Gogo” means girl in Georgian language. This is a romantic song with meaning of hopeful endless love.

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Revaz Eristavi – Mama


Mama is a song about the teenager that has lost his life on the streets under the rainy night.
Written in 1996 by R. Eristavi.

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Last 5 days for Tenerife

Greetings everyone,

Last 5 days left before I go to left before I go to canary islands.

I already prepared my bags and my tablet is especially designed for such travel. In Tenerife I didn’t book any hotel yet but rented a car with space for a surf board. Yes, my goal is to surf and enjoy my first single lifestyle after 13 years.

I will be posting all the updates about the travel and the ones who wish to enjoy same type of trip they will be able to see the expense report of my trip.


Stay updated and visit my Tenerife blog posts.

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