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Trip to Georgia


So, Here we go again, I believe my travels will never end this winter.

I am gone to Georgia where I will spend some quality time with my family and friends.

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Preparing for the trip to Tenerife

Hello folks,

This is my last evening in Corfu island. I already packed my staff and sitting at my office preparing my trip to Canary Islands.

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2nd of November “Tomorrow” my trip begins at 17:00. I will go out from the hotel with my friend and colleague Lefteris. He will drop me at the airport and I will be flying to Brussels Charleroi Airport – Belgium.

As I will have to stay over night in the cold bloody Belgium, I decided to book a car and drive bit around and remember old times. I am planning to visit my ex wives mother just to say hello and pickup my 12 string guitar that I will need in Canary Islands.

I decided to share my entire trip and post every update of my journey. I hope you’ll find it interesting.

You can see details of my travel planning from the website I recently registered.

I will be adding information about the expenses, places I visit, Photos of the day and stories about people I will meet.

Visit my blog periodically so that you can keep up with latest updates.




Last 5 days for Tenerife

Greetings everyone,

Last 5 days left before I go to left before I go to canary islands.

I already prepared my bags and my tablet is especially designed for such travel. In Tenerife I didn’t book any hotel yet but rented a car with space for a surf board. Yes, my goal is to surf and enjoy my first single lifestyle after 13 years.

I will be posting all the updates about the travel and the ones who wish to enjoy same type of trip they will be able to see the expense report of my trip.


Stay updated and visit my Tenerife blog posts.

Mexico 2012

Destination Mexico

Story by: Elodie Hensen & Me



Passionate, colorful, tender and fascinating, that’s what Mexico is . We’ve decided to share with you our adventure, critical view and opinion in a country too often stereotyped as what it isn’t. The country is a place full of mystery, legend, a place where the moment of creation seems even closer.

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