Revaz Eristavi – Night in Heaven

night in heaven

This is an extremely chaotic composition called night in heaven. It was written in 1996. It is about the Night where heaven looks like a hell and you still can get a grip into your own imaginations. Listen and imagine it yourself.

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Revaz Eristavi – Mama


Mama is a song about the teenager that has lost his life on the streets under the rainy night.
Written in 1996 by R. Eristavi.

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Revaz Eristavi – Run away

run away

This is a love song about the girl I always loved. They say: time will heal us. However it’s all about the memories that will stay in my heart torturing my soul. I loved her but now she has to run away.

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Space Walk


This composition is called space walk the track is not mastered yet and song is missing. Full version will be released with the album “Escaping the Planet” that is being recorded at the moment.

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